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Venter, G. G.2009Manage the Cycle seriesGC Capital IdeasTheories of cycle drivers and possible strategic responses.
Part I:What Cycle?
Part II: Behaviour Drivers
Part III:A History Lesson
Part IV: Different This Time
Part V: Protect Portfolio, Profitability
Part VI: Step Out Of Cyclical Thinking
Venter, G. G.2004Financial Risk Modelling for InsurersInstrat Quarterly, SpringHow financial risk modeling can inform management decision making
Venter, G. G.2004 Astin in Berlin

The Actuarial ReviewArticle in The Actuarial Review about an Astin Meeting
Major, J. and Venter, G. G.2003The Advantages of Risk-Based Capital Allocation for Property/Casualty InsurersReactions Rendez-Vous Reporter Wednesday September 10 2003Magazine article on using risk measures for capital allocation.
Venter, G. G.2002 Allocating Surplus – Not!
The Actuarial Review FebruaryIt’s artificial and not necessary.
Venter, G. G.2000'Land of the Midnight Sun’ Hosts AFIR MeetingThe Actuarial Review August (full magazine external link)
Summarizes events and highlighted papers.
Venter, G. G.1993Workers’ Compensation: An Excess Claim TailWCRBArticle about payment tail of workers compensation.
Venter, G. G.1992Examining Workers’ Compensation: An Excess Claim TailBest’s Review NovemberLooks at loss development issues in excess workers compensation.
Venter, G. G.1987Experience Rating. Equity and Predictive AccuracyNCCI Digest, April, Volume II, Issue IProposes equity standard for experience rating, based on predictive ability.